Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day to day life....

So I am done writing about my last trip, already planned the new one though for Thanksgiving... But now what?

What to write about?

Life is so mondain... ahum... and it goes on from Monday to Friday school... homework, after school activities, everybody goes through that doesn't matter if you live in the USA, Europe, Asia or AFRICA!!

Nothing special, cooking dinner every day, although I cook almost every day from a different continent it is still cooking every day... same same what is there to write about??

But there is more than school and after school activities, there are things I have to do this week, like:

- sorting out some clothes I saved for years from the girls, it is time to give them away and my friend Marion comes over today and we are giving them away to a local orphanage, so sorting out to do.

- a girls night out dinner, or actually we call it the Lonely Wives club of Fourways, since our hubbies travel so much and we feel the need to talk to adults when they are gone for so long, we arrange dinners together... fun! I have one tonight!

- Parent Teacher conference the day after tomorrow, I don't worry the girls are doing great at school... I am sure!

- Cooking class on Friday, these days I get lessons from a teacher that went 4 years to culinary school in France and worked 15 years in the hotel business... she gives us some great tips and tricks, that I didn't know yet... so that keeps me busy.

- Saturday we are having a Birthday party... Dirk is having his Bday on Saturday! We are having a combined party with 2 other friends: Candice who turned 40 and Luciano.

- Since we are having a party I need a new outfit... so that means shopping, yesterday I went already with a friend to the mall, but didn't find anything... so I have to go again, or otherwise I need to wear something that I already own, but that is boring! I am just joking here... probably that is what is going to happen, wear something out of my closet... at least I have a few new pairs of shoes :-)

The theme of the party is: Spanish tapas, sangria... so I have some work to do... making loads of tapas! Thinking of Albondigas con salsa, Gazpacho Andaluz, Varillas, Tortilla Espanola, and maybe a few other ones. We share the work load, so I don't need to do it all by myself, that is the great thing when you organize a party with 2 other ones!!

And then my most important role: being a mother.... of a sick child! My poor JJ is having a fever, soar throat and a headache... so I am off to the doctor's office and attending to my poor baby!! I just came back from the doctor's office and she is having tonsillitis AND strep! So she is on penicilin and needs to stay home for another day or 2.

No time to write blogs, I need to be there for her!! Making some fresh squeezed orange juice, putting a wet towel around her neck (my mom used to do that with us... these old tricks are the BEST!)

And making sure she is just fine....

Have a good day y'all!

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Wendy said...

Poor, baby! She looks miserable! Hope she's feeling better real soon.

Meanwhile, GO SHOPPING! Get that new outfit! Fun!

Sounds like you have a busy week and will have plenty to blog about by week's end!


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