Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dance away baby...

Juliet and Jasmine have 3 after school activities at AISJ. On Mondays they have 2,5 hours of Dutch class, on Tuesdays they have cooking and on Wednesdays they have dance! Each trimester a different class, the only one that goes on all year long is Dutch.

2 Students from the high school here at AISJ gave dance classes as part of their community service work. And girls from grades 1-5 from the Elementary school could join this class. JJ & Jezz really enjoyed this dance group, so hopefully next trimester they can join again.

At the end of each trimester they do a little performance for the mothers to show what they had learned. Here some pictures of that.

The bigger girls in the back I don't know, but the front row are: Zahra, Jasmine, Clara, Juliet and Cathlynn.

Juliet in the middle... very concentrated. Left from her Clara and right from her Cathlynn. The girls in the back row I don't know their names.

The dance teachers: Jaslynn and her friend.

Great job girls, well done!!
It was fun to watch. Shake that booty another trimester!



Free Spirit said...

Looks like fun...what a great thing to do for community service...

Maci Miller said...

Cute pictures! I was never that great at it, but still loved dance. Hoping to try Ruby at another class this winter. What fun for JJ & Jezz!

Leah and Maya said...

LOVE DANCE! Are you guys celebrating Thanksgiving? Wasn't sure if there were turkeys to be found or if you chose something different.

Annie said...

Cutie Patooties! They look like they are growing up so fast! Christina has always loved her dance classes, it's such a great expressive outlet!


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