Monday, November 8, 2010

Brunch at a Palace

OK, my last post of our wonderful trip to Rhas Al Khaimah (RAK), Dubai and Abu Dhabi, 3 of the 7 Emirates in the Persian Gulf. Just for your information, the other 4 are: Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Quwain and Fujairah. Not that I had heard of these names before, did you?? This whole UAE is pretty new to me anyways.... But I am glad I have visited it now, since it is a interesting side of the world to say the least!!

This whole trip, as I said before, is about the biggest, the most expensive, the highest, the most glamorised, the World Record breakers... so this visit to the Emirates Palace is no difference!! By the way; to book a room here is between $350-$450 per/night. Not bad for a 7 star hotel :-)

The girls posing in the Lobby of the Emirates Palaces, everything is gold...

We decide to have a Sunday Brunch at the Brasserie Le Vendôme at this huge and enchanting hotel, that originally was build as a house!! but is turned into a 7 STAR hotel!! Not a 5 STAR, no a SEVEN star hotel!! Everything in there is gold and glitter!! Just breath taking! And we just normal laymen can have a peek into that world where Sheiks and Sheikas reside normally, and have a scrumptious brunch there... for not even THAT much money. For 200 Dirhams = $55 the adults could eat as much as they wanted and the kids were half price of the beautiful Arab, Asian and European buffet.

There was everything you could eat from Dim Sum, to Sushi, to fresh Lobster, Crabs, Prawns, Arab food, European selections for the ones that are not so well known with the Asian or Arab selections, fresh soups, salads, whole cuts of meat, desserts like you have never seen before, the girls loved the Chocolate fountain... and I can go on and on!! Too bad we couldn't stay there all day, because I only tried so little of all that beautiful and gorgeous looking food. I mean, how much can you eat at one time??

The view from our table onto the beach, the camels are taking a stroll there as well... How cool is that? Sand as white as can be, and the water just turqouoise..

And here a video to see a bit about this enchanting piece of the world called the Middle East, where old traditions meet the most glamorous new world that has ever been build.

Another day well spend, but now it is time to leave this world of glitter and glamour, the playground of the rich and wealthy and go back to South Africa...

Go back to normalcy and cook for ourselves and not being served by butlers with white gloves...
This dream is over!!

Back to reality! Back to school... but at least the girls have Halloween to look forward to and get a chance to dress up like Thai Socialites!! haha

Have a good one,


Wendy said...

One word: WOW!

Maci Miller said...

Wow, this is incredible! What a beautiful hotel and experience! The price for the rooms there are surprising. While not cheap, I have to agree that is not to bad for a 7 star hotel. The Mandarin Oriental in Bkk where I always performed and stayed was anywhere from $250/night to over $1000/night. I think some of the authors suites were even more than that. And the brunch price is not more than that of nicer hotels in Phila. I guess there is so much competition there and the quality of things has to be quite high. A must see someday location for us! Thanks for sharing!


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