Friday, October 22, 2010

Dune bashing in the desert of Dubai

Unbelievable thrilling, exciting was this DUNE BASHING!! More exhilarating than ANY roller coaster ride!! OMG, so we got picked up from the hotel in this white Jeep that would bring us to the desert for our overnight trip. The first part was dune bashing... I had no idea it would be that fun!!

By the time we arrived at the desert ~ such a HUGE sand pit ~ you just can't imagine, everywhere you look hills of sand, and nothing else than sand!! As far as your eye can see. It is just before 5pm now and the sun starts setting and the sand is changing from this yellow to this bright orange... it is just MAGNIFICENT!! So beautiful, words cannot describe it to give it justice!! Flowing hills of smooth sand, and we are letting the air out of our tires to drive easier in this fluffy sand.. and there we go... FULL SPEED ahead, up and down, from side to side, to the top of the sand hills and all the way down, but not only straight, also side ways and the sand is blowing around the car, this is the BEST RIDE EVER!!

The girls LOVE it, giggling in the back of the Jeep, while I am holding myself tight... feeling my stomach turning and getting a bit nauseous after say 30 minutes of getting shaked, stirred and thrown upside down in this car... but I see a pit stop soon, so I am happy! It shouldn't have gone on much longer, and I am glad when we can step out and enjoy the massive sand around us and the gorgeous view! But how fun was this!! A great start of a fun day here in the desert of Dubai!

We even came across some camels who where enjoying their stroll in this huge natural sand box...

They didn't mind us bashing around in their play ground..

Finally having a stop, so we can take all this beauty in that surrounds us...

Just amazing how beautiful just sand can be!

And then the sun is setting and we are off to our next part of our trip, to the overnight camp..

But more about that later...
Is this fun or what??



Maci Miller said...

Unbelievable! Breathtaking! I can't wait to see and hear more about it. A trip there is really something that I've had on the "must do someday" list but now even more so! I am loving hearing about your trip!

Also have to say I love the pic of you with your girls. Really beautiful.

Wendy said...

What great pictures. This sounds like so much fun. Did you ride camels in the desert? Lily's ridden on one, but I never have. What's it like?

travellermimi said...

awesome pics, I've been ther but never captured anything like this on the cam. Love the red sands they arn't as red in any other asian desert!

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mohit_thrillophilia said...

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