Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving break at the shore of Durban

We are back from our Thanksgiving weekend at the coast of Durban. We had a great time and we met even 4 more families of our school AISJ who were there as well, which we had no clue, so a small world!

At Zimbali were several pools and of course we all tried them out. This one was next to the ocean, looked great, but the girls thought it was a bit boring the whole setting, so we left for another one... well, at least we had enough choice!

Jasmine and Juliet were so happy to see that there were kids from their school, here with Sola and Kyle, who even lives in our street!

So much more fun when you have a few friends around!

Kyle, Juliet, Sola, Jasmine and Cecile.... having fun all day together!

This was the pool the kids had the most fun, and for us it was great too since we had a shaded cabana and a bar with tapas and cocktails! Easily we spent the whole day there! LOL

After checking out, I made the girls stand next to Santa, but they didn't want to, since there were other people in the reception area and that makes them shy... Our first encounter with Xmas here in SA!

Me and the girls flew to Durban, since Dirk was already there for work, and we all drove back, but since the drive is 7 hours we decided to drive a bit and stay our last night in a B&B halfway. This was located in the middle of the Midlands Meander, an area full of arts and crafts and local farmers, cheese makers, wine farms for tasting etc. So we stopped at all the cute and quaint locations, testing goat cheeses, buying cute stuffed dolls, delicious home made jellies, interesting spices and wines on our way to Tamakwa Country lodge, where we stayed the last night before heading home.

The lodge had a beautiful garden and we say a great sunset, a nice touch for our last night!

And then when we arrived home we found our bunnies lounging on our chairs, they taught by themselves, when they can vacation we can too!! LOL How funny these rabbits are!

A great little break! Thankful of having such a great life, family, friends and health!!
And before we know it our Xmas break is coming up!!
What did you do during the Thanksgiving break? Share with me your activities. Ate a lot of turkey??


Leah and Maya said...

Hey now, we do have summer here, in summer time. Its winter now, and apparently we are havign winter weather. Your pictures look so so warm and relaxing. Just beautiful. So glad to see you still have bunnies, I wasnt' sure if they had all gotten eaten or if you had ever figured out what was happening to them.

Mireille said...

3 out of 5 got eaten by either a wild cat or a owl... we still don't know for sure. But these are too big now and safe for the predators. They really enjoy themselves and have a good life, roaming free around our garden.

Wendy said...

Oh, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those dresses!!! Where did you get them???


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