Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The things I see, hear and smell...

Below are the things I see, hear and smell during my morning walk. It is still chilly and the morning dew is still on the grasses and reeds next to the pond. The birds are tjirping away, the wind breezes through the leaves.

The small waterfall is trickling down on some days and rushing on others. The maids are chatting or relaxing on the grass. The construction workers are singing in their native tongue while working or just standing around.

The gardeners are mowing the grass in the park, and I smell fresh mowed lawns.. yummy, such a nice springy smell... although it is fall! I smell the first cooking out of some kitchen windows. My senses are stronger it seems by this detox ;-) or am I just craving some food??

Some dogs bark as I walk by, but they are safe behind a gate, so I don't worry and walk fast since it is nippy these days, but the never failing sun is shining on my face and I feel invigorated, energised and in a good mood.

Maids and gardeners are walking to their job, each house will be filled with at least one of them. Kids are going to school and I see many many different flowers. Purple agapanthus and African daisies, pink roses and the orange from the Bird of Paradise. Just beautiful to have my morning walk around the pond here in the park. I am enjoying it and take the beauty of nature in.
The big bird, Hadidah Ibis, is screaming and you can here him coming from afar, while the others just mind their own business and are looking to build a nest of finding some food. The ducks in the pond seem happy and content, just like me ;-)

My progress is going steady, but slowing down a bit. I am on my 7th day today and lost 7 lbs. At first it went at 1,5 lbs a day, now I am to about 0,5 lbs a day. So I am hoping that it continues and not slows even more down. I am feeling good, not tired, crancky or anything of the negative side effects I actually expected. So that is good. Had some great body wraps, cellulite treatments and massages the last couple days and I am still contiuing to do the next days. I am going to add the sauna to my regiment and I am looking forward to that. We have one in the house, but it hasn't been used yet. Since it wasn't cold enough, but now is the time!!

Have a good day, I hope you feel as energised as I do!


Leah and Maya said...

I love this post, so neat to see all the differnt things, also loved the face painting, i didn't know that thye did that at the restraunts there. I do just love that picture of the girls for I heart faces, I couldn't get blogger to work so I might not get a chance to actually do it this week.

Jessica said...

What beautiful pictures. So much color and life. What a great way to start the day.

Jen and Jeff said...

Woo-hoo! Way to go with the detox! The power walk sounds amazing! Love a good, long walk outdoors in the morning. The pics you took and description is just so wonderful. Feel like I was right there with ya!

plantagenet said...

very nice pix, Mireille, makes me a bit home sick! Hope to meet you next year in S.A. I am working on it!!!!

rosemary said...

So impressed at you sticking with this (and at your weight loss)! All of your wraps and treatments sound heavenly, by the way.


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