Monday, May 25, 2009

A~B~C..... LMNOP

You all know SMALL magazine, well LMNOP is kind of the same but from Australia, and I LOVE this online magazine! LMNOP is a free quarterly PDF magazine for hip, stylish parents and their children. Practical and fun, LMNOP shows you how to laugh, make, nurture, organise and play.

Since some of you I know are very interested in unique children items I thought I share this magazine with you. And especially to Jen my friend who has her referral and her baby is coming home soon.. CONGRATULATIONS Jen! I am so excited for you and Jeff!! I know she wants to be updated with all the new and funky stuff that is out there. But also another blogging friend Rosemary who loves magazines and hip stuff will like this magazine ;-) How is your move going Rosemary?

Check the magazine out, you all will love it!!

I also know that some of you are curious about my detox diet. Well, it is still going strong. I am amazed by myself that I can keep up with this so long, it is day 13 now and I've lost 11 lbs so far. Not bad huh? I really feel energised, my skin and hair is so soft, and I sleep like a baby. Had some weird and vivid dreams last night, but kinda liked that! I hadn't had a dream that I could remember for so long... so this is a change. My shoulder that I had dislocated about 8-9 weeks ago feels a lot better, not so much pain anymore. I really start to feel squeaky clean from the inside! I do my daily walk, dry skin brushing, trampoline, and some sort of treatment, like massages or body wraps, which of course is heaven on earth to do so many! I also do twice a week a colonic, which feels so great afterwards, it is not hard at all. I know that a lot of people look up to that, but really it is nothing.

From all the 13 days there were 2 days that I didn't feel great, one day I was short tempered and grumpy, and the other day I had a headache, but that was because I was out and forgot to bring my drinks with me. So I had more than 2 hours in between my drinks and then you start feeling it. I was a bit woozy, shaky and had a vague headache. But other than that I just really feel energised, in a good mood, and ready to tackle the world! I even cook and prepare dinners for my family... no problem! I went to the movies and the other 7 people/children were eating popcorn... no problem! I surprised myself, being a tougher cookie than I expected LOL!!
It is all in the mind set... if you tell yourself you can do it, you CAN do it!

Here are some funny pictures of the girls, since I won't make you happy with a detox pic ;-)



Have a Marvelous Monday!


rosemary said...

What a great find! I'll be sure to check it out right away. Glad your diet is going so well. 13 lbs is A LOT! Pat on the back for you.

Ellie said...

Glad to hear you're feeling energized!!! I'm gonna go check out your magazine recommendation! :)

Emm said...

Congrats on the diet! It is so good that you are feeling fine. How long do you have to do it?

Jen and Jeff said...

Wow that is sooo amazing about the diet!!! That is just fantastic! You are inspiring me to do something drastic! Going to check out different detoxes. Could not function for as long as you have but want to do something. Thanks for the mention. We are still so excited, and yes, I LOVE to know about the newest, latest, hippest for kids (and me!). I'll check that magazine out!

Can't wait to meet you in July! Rosemary is going to try to come too. The world is getting smaller all the time! :-)


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