Friday, May 1, 2009

Queens Day 2009

What should have been such a happy festive day, the day of the century, since it was the 100th anniversary of late Queen mother Juliana, ended up in tragedy!

A Dutch man killed himself and 5 others, wounded another 13 people by driving into the Royal parade and crashed his car into a monument on the side of the road. His target was the open bus with a lot of members of the Dutch Royal family.

(to show respect for the victims, flags are raised half in the Netherlands)

Holland is mourning and what started as such a beautiful day ended so badly!
My thoughts go out to the victims and their families!



Emm said...

It is very tragic and it was traumatic for the royal family and for spectators too! How sad.

annet said...

Wat een raar gevoel was dat om de tv aan te doen om naar koninginedag te kijken en dan het hele drama te zien......waardeloos.Ongelovelijk dat er zoveel slagtoffers zijn gevallen........

Jen and Jeff said...

Oh, that is so horrible! So very sad.


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