Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day!! Moederdag!!

Happy Mother's Day to you all! Also those moms who are waiting for their child to come home!! And of course to MY MOM Happy Moederdag!! I hope you have a wonderful day, filled with joy and happiness!!

Dirk is gone this month a lot, and so today I celebrated Mother's Day alone with the girls. But he hadn't forgotten me and early morning the bell rang and a huge indigenous bouquet of flowers was delivered. How nice!! Thank you my dear hubby :-) And of course he also called me to wish me a wonderful day!

A huge bouquet of Birds of Paradise, sweet!

The girls slept in my bed last night and when I woke up they were already laying next to me waiting to give me their home made cards and drawings... so sweet ;-)

After that we made a yummy breakfast together, the girls set the table and I made us heart ♥ shaped fried eggs, with some OJ and my breakfast was just simple but delish. Without my hubby (who is the expert breakfast maker in our home) I had to make it simple...

Heart shaped eggs and some OJ ;-)
A friend of mine; Gina, was also without husband today, so we decided to celebrate together. They came over to our house and we baked some cookies, decorated them with sprinkles and glitters and then ate them almost ALL!

Adriaan, Elise, Jasmine and Juliet making cookies.
For lunch we went out and had sushi, not bad, if it weren't that the miso soup we ordered turned out to be a bit sour and Jasmine threw up in the middle of the table.... YUCK! At least everybody was done eating, but the smell was not something we enjoyed, so we moved to another table before heading home.

Better turning in early today, since Mondays are long days at school! The girls are away from home from 7am till 6pm! Tough days are Mondays!! So at 7pm there were in bed... and finally I have time to work on my blog ;-)

Who also called me to wish me a happy Mother's Day is our dear friend Espen, thank you Espi for thinking of me!! I really appreciate that ;-)

Love, Mireille


Ellie said...

What a fun day you had! Happy Mother's Day to YOU!!

Emm said...

Oh, I LOVE the heart shaped eggs! Wonder if I can get a mould for Stephen's birthday on Saturday?


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