Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Looking ahead....

So I am on my 15th day of my Detox Diet and it is going very well. I feel good, my spirits are uplifted and have a lot of energy. And my total weight loss so far is 13 lbs. But I am looking ahead. Only 1 week left and then I have an 11-day After Detox program. Since you can't just go ahead and eat a steak, you would end up in the hospital! In the After Detox program you add each day 1 food group. And I am craving for sushi, miso soup and edameme and wonder... could I do that?? Maybe not the first day, but the third day??

Oh so craving for sushi!

So what am I going to do to maintain the weight loss and what is a good plan for ME, that I can stick to? This is actually a bigger challenge than the whole detox to me. I really want to go back to basics food wise. We discovered that I have candida, so that means I need to go at least for a month on a anti-candida diet. Meaning absolutely NO sugar, wheat, vinegar and fungi food, like mushrooms etc.. There is quite the list that you have to avoid. The reason why I had such a hard time to loose a few pounds was probably because I have the candida. So I have to tackle that first before I can even start eating 'normal' again. But the normal should not be like the OLD normal. I want to eat healthier and start cooking more without the help of bottled sauces, marinades, dressings etc... Since in EVERYTHING is SUGAR and SALT, among other things that are not good for you!

So I am planning to make fresh, wholesome and simple meals out of the most fresh es ingredients and everything from scratch. I used to do it before, but I strayed lately and the results were not good. So I am going back to basics.

Thai green mango salad, aloy maak!

But I need some new inspirations, so if you guys have some great websites I can browse through, please send me a link! I already have a few, like 101cookbooks and foodgawker, but I need more and hope to get some inspiration from YOU!! I hope to receive some sites from all over the world, since I like to eat HEALTHY ETHNIC food.

I am already looking at all these good for you, but great tasting as well recipes and can't wait to try them. Funny huh, I am on this detox and looking at those pictures of the best looking foods available on the web or in magazines and still don't eat any of it!! But I can sure have a look at them ;-)

It is funny, I am NOT craving any fried stuff (I never did really) but even now, I am craving healthy stuff, small bits and pieces, candy to the eye stuff.. I don't want to put anything bad into my body anymore... LOL we'll see how long that takes!! But for now my attitude towards food is changing so much through this Detox, it is just amazing!

Goat cheese, asparagus and beet salad... yummy!

Have a wonderful and yummy day!


rosemary said...

Wow your diet sounds like it has been incredibly successful! I don't know if what kind of recipes ideas you need but I'm making a squid and veggie stir fry in miso broth tonight that is very light. Just a few pieces of squid, mainly all veggies, and then delicious miso poured in. Let me know if you want the recipe.

Anonymous said...

Okay, you asked for it.

Here's an eggroll recipe.


And here's me eating Vietnamese pho with tripe.


I'm so glad you love different kinds of foods too.


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