Friday, May 29, 2009

Fabulous Friday

The girls are totally excited these days to wake up and come back from school... why? Because we have 4 bunnies! The first thing in the morning they want to feed the bunnies and after school the first thing they do is run into the house and go straight to the yard to greet their new friends ;-)
A friend of us is moving back to the US and had 5 bunnies, one is still at her house, they can't seem to catch him. But as soon as he is caught we will get that one too, so then we have 5!
Today Jasmine and Juliet invited 4 of their friends to have a play date at our house, so all their friends can come and see the bunnies. They are very popular these days, since everybody in their class wants to come over and see the bunnies... yeah, is it not the cute girls they want to play with then it is the cute bunnies LOL!

Jasmine feeding Scamper, the mom bunny

Juliet feeding Thumber, the black-white boy bunny.

Jasmine with Winter, the albino bunny with red eyes.

JJ with Thumber, he is her favorite because he comes to her!

And this is Spots, still a bit shy.

The only one that is missing is Fio, he is a black male. Our friends are trying to catch him for days now, but he won't let them ;-) And then the bunch is complete. Pfew, 5 pets at once, for somebody who isn't used to animals, that is quite a lot. But at least these bunnies stay outside!! That was the only reason for me to take them.

And if you are thinking that soon we will have more bunnies, no, no, no! These are neutered, so no more bunnies!! LOL

And in case you want to know how I am doing, since the girls are doing great! Well, I have a little sit back here. The last 2 days I didn't loose anything, and this morning I even gained 1 lbs!! Shocking to me, since I follow the Detox Diet so well! I am not cheating, so what is going on?? Not too happy with that! I also feel very bloated and a little discomfort. I am glad I have an appointment for a colonic later this morning, maybe that helps. So I am on Day 17, but my weight loss is only 12 lbs.

In the meantime I am craving wholesome veggies to start after my detox and this is a totally yummy recipe I found on 101 cookbooks, but this could have been MY recipe since I do almost always do my cauliflower like this. Especially if you burn it a bit, it gives it this nutty taste that I like so much. So try it out, it is delish!
Here is the link for the recipe.

Have a Fabulous Friday!


Emm said...

I WANT a bunny! (stamps foot)

Alas, I cannot have one with two big dogs.

Ellie said...

Your girls are so cute with those bunnies! So, So Cute!! I must warn that if you have five bunnies, you may soon have 25!

About your comment on my bike post... Our Jack is also 7 years old! We'd been trying to convince him to ride his bike for two years now. He's LOVING it, now! He's so proud that he did it! For us, we just had to tell him that he was GOING to learn. But that we would make sure he did not get hurt. :)

plantagenet said...

Hey, Cute bunnies these are! for the girls its going to be nice to have pets for cuddling! Do they let them touch and take them in the arm? also pets are good to learn responsibility.
Glad you lost another lbs. thats good! Sometimes the body needs to burn the fat and it takes time. The after detox diet is more important. if you keep it up you can still loose more weight, but at least you must try not to gain again. Quite some task anyway!!! Keep going! I will start next week, as soon as I have put Beata on the plane...


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