Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 1 went smooth...

OK, the next 3 weeks I will let you in on my emotions and results of my Detox Diet. I know some you of are maybe not that interested, so I try to write about the kids, hubby or other things that are happening around the house. Since I put my social calender on hold for these 3 weeks, not much else is happening.

Let me know how you feel about me doing this diary, if nobody is interested I will keep it to myself and find some other stories to blog about!

So what can I eat?? NOTHING, only drinking, this is my schedule. Every day the same:
Berry drink = antioxidant supplement
Herbal Cleansing, some herbs mixed with water to flush harmful toxins & elements
Herbal tea
8 0z water
High-density drink mixed with 8 oz. water = green drink derived from green vegetables
Herbal tea
1 cup green vegetable juice
1 enzyme capsule (to speed up digestion & minimize the effects of food allergens)
Herbal cleansing
8 oz. water
High-density drink mixed with 8 oz. water
Herbal tea
Berry drink
1 cup cleansing soup (made from fresh vegetables and pureed, so it is drinkable)
1 cup broth (the broth of soup above, NO salt, so tasteless!)
Herbal tea
1 enzyme capsule
Herbal cleansing
8 oz. water
Water or Herbal tea
Aloe vera (supplies anti-aging antioxidants, helps to restore pH balance and repair cellular health)

Whenever you feel hungry you can drink more cups of the soup you make fresh everyday. Which so far I haven't felt hungry, just the cravings of chewing was hard for me last night. When I was watching American Idols (and I vote for Adam!) I wanted a cookie with my herbal tea, but CAN'T have it!! During the day I was fine. Preparing the drinks and having every 2 hours something to drink keeps you quite busy.

And then each day I have a special treatment, yesterday I had my first colonic, which was great. It cleanses out the colon with a machine that has a tube that gets inserted in the back. Water flows into your bowel, the therapist massages your belly and then it gets released. It actually is quite soothing and my belly is already a lot flatter, although not much came out, it was full of air bubbles. So I was more bloated than I expected! Tomorrow I have en encore, and I hope more will come out. Today I am having a lymphatic drainage massage. Tell you more about it tomorrow!
But on top of these special treatments I do at home, walking, trampoline, dry brushing your skin before showering, sauna. All this helps to detox better. Yes, did you know exercising on the trampoline helps a lot!! So if you have one in your backyard, start jumping :-)

So, all in all I had a good first day! It went smooth, and oh I lost 1,7 lbs... but I realize that that is mostly water, since I had to pee at least 20 times!

The girls had at school a 5,3 or 1 mile walk. The elementary did 1 mile, so fun to see all the kids exercising together. They had fun, here some pictures with their class mates running around the football field.

Sonia, Svenja, Jezz, JJ and Divya. Proud of their medals!

Here JJ running in the front almost completing 1 mile, you go girl :-)

JJ and her friend Lyng.

JJ and her friend Divya.

The school grounds with view of Johannesburg in the back.

Have a good day y'all!


Sharon said...

Keep up with the posting! I want to hear about your detox etc.I'm thinking I should detox myself before we go to Thailand in 8 weeks.You're doing well, keep it up!!
นางชารอน (Sharon)

Leah and Maya said...

seems like 1 week of doing that terrrible detox would be enough, 3 weeks is alot! good luck I will keep waiting to hear how you are doing.

Ellie said...

Keep it up, girl!

Jen and Jeff said...

First of all, soooo amazing you are doing that detox! You can do it..keep going! I am highly impressed, my friend! I started a new program today, too. Jeff & I are doing the South beach diet. No bad carbs, sugar, or wine for 2 weeks and I thought that was difficult! You have inspired me, yet again.

Secondly, the girls are just so cute in those pics. I love seeing them with all their school friends. So sweet. The face painting pics are so cute also. Love fun stuff like that.


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