Friday, May 15, 2009

2nd day, easy peasy lemon squeasy...

This isn't as hard as I thought! I am not hungry at all, I forget sometimes even to drink my drinks every 2 hours!

The only time I have a craving was last night. I was watching American Idol (first time we're getting it here and I am so excited!) We are a bit behind you guys, so don't tell me the results!! We were down to the last 4 and now we are in the top 3. However we see 2 shows every week, so we will be finishing the same time as you guys!

I had a lymph drainage massage planned, but the therapist advised me to do a reflexology massage, to kick start the detox. So I did, which was great!

I did my morning walk, jumped on the trampoline with the girls after school, brush dried my skin before shower, so all my extra curriculum was done. Followed the program to the T and lost another 1,5 lbs. So I am down now in 2 days.... 3.2 lbs. Not bad huh! I am hoping that I can stay this positive :-) otherwise I will share the other side too LOL!

African Face Painting

When you go to an African restaurant they will wash your hands in a bowl and paint your face. It is a fun way of saying welcome and have a good time! Of course there is more history behind the face painting than this. I mean each country has their own traditions. Look here for more info if you are interested.

I like the simple designs, and every time it is different. How intricate the designs can be by just adding some dots.... Cool!

Enjoy your day, I hope it is a sunny one :-)


Fresh Mommy said...

Wow, good job!! Keep up the good work!! That is awesome..


Kim said...

Hi Mireille! (from another mom adopting twin girls from Thailand) Someone on the Holt Forum gave me your blog address, and then I just noticed you wrote on my blog! Anyhow, I have enjoyed seeing your fabulous pics and your girls are adorable! Fun to read about the bond they share! and it looks like you are a FUN family! we get to go get our girls at the end of June!


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