Friday, May 22, 2009

'Hidden Recognition' by Justine Vercauteren.

Today I am helping a friend of a friend to pass on some information in the hope that she will get some more help from you guys all over the world who are reading my blog. Wouldn't that be fantastic for her if she got a response from all corners of the world with this project?!

Please read below and see the great ideas of this young and amazing artist, Justine Vercauteren from Belgium. Please help her with this project and send a photo from your corner of the world. You can click on any of these pictures below and it will enlarge, then you can save it to your computer and print it out!

Hidden Recognition.
I’m Justine Vercauteren, 19 years young and I study in Ghent (Belgium).
I’m studying Media and for my practical work I am doing something that has an impact on different (unknown) people. One could say make them to think, I rather want them to feel.
Because I do love photography, I preferred to do something with pictures.
I’m dividing my work in two way’s:

1. I want to create “Hidden Recognition”. A sort of recognition that only is meant for those who see the small things in life. So from the pictures I’ve taken, I made stickers with a personal slogan on it “DON’T THINK, FEEL”. I’m sticking these stickers in my hometown Bruges and Ghent where I study. So if you’re passing through the city or station you might see one, only if you look close enough..

2. With this slogan I want also to reach a small part of the world. So I taught to send out the pictures to people I know and don’t know, a bit all over the world. Then I ask them (you) if they (you) can take a picture with my sticker/slogan in front and at the background a view of the city (it can be out of the window of your hotel room) or a popular monument know in that particular place or any typical local something. For those whom I send a mail please print a copy of one of the 4 pictures (the one you prefer the most) and use it to insert into the new picture and forward this new picture to me.
At last I will gather all these pictures together and present them on a blog online. So that our communication will be shown.

But what does “DON’T THINK, FEEL” means?:
Well, for me, feelings are very important. The “don’t think” stands for not always listening to your head, because the head & the brains are something very rational, but rather listen to your heart. Your heart is the real you.
For once, let the heart decide and not the head.

Below an example as of how your picture could look like, a recognizable building or people in the back that are typical from your country.

You can send your picture directly to Justine BEFORE June 2nd at:
justine dot vercauteren at gmail dot com

Good Luck Justine!!

Have a Fabulous Friday everybody!!

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