Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Xmas parties everywhere...also at school

I think we have and will be attending more Xmas parties here in SA, than everywhere else we lived. It is funny because the atmosphere is not so Xmassy here, no snow, no Xmas music 24-7 on the radio, the shopping malls are a bit decorated but not so much in your face....but the parties and get togethers for Xmas are big. Everywhere and everybody is having a party and now since everybody is going home or away for Xmas.
So busy busy busy!

And of course the girls had at school a party as well, each class (they are not in the same class, which makes life a lot easier for the teachers. People still have a hard time figuring out who is who. Although Jezz has bangs/fringes and JJ not, their voices are different: JJ has a low husky voice, while Jezz has a high sweet voice. JJ is more dominant and outgoing, while Jezz is more shy and quite...and the differences go on and on, but people don't see that. Or if they see it, they can't remember who had these traits again.

But coming back to the Xmas party at school, Jezz had a huge cake which looked amazing! Little snowmans on top and fluffy snowpeaks...really well made!
And they did that dance with the do you call that in English?..chair dance?? Where every time the music stops, one chair is taken away. And then the children colored some Xmas themed pages and ate cake...yummy cake. Kids happy!

JJ and her classmates made stars out of shimmering paper, very cute craft! Easy and looked great. They had fresh fruit and home made cookies. They gave the teacher a gift card and a small Xmas tree with ornaments glued and their names on it. Very cute and this class had a lot of fun as well.

All these activities are organised by the room moms, like in most countries each class has a bit of help from a class/room mom. And there are always women who are dedicated to do these things.

Another party marked down....many more to go! 2 more days till school is over and then the girls have 3 weeks vacation! YEAH, and grandma is coming soon from the Netherlands. We will be having a great summer break!.........sounds funny huh..summer break, I still have a hard time adjusting to the reverse seasons.

8 more days to go till Xmas!

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Jen and Jeff said...

How fun! Looks like a fun and unique holiday season for you guys and the girls too! The chair game is "musical chairs". At least I think that's what you meant.


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