Monday, December 29, 2008

Having Oma over during the Xmas break.

Dirk is off for 2 weeks and my mom is here for the holiday season, so after the big Xmas dinners and delicious breakfast all in the lapa (a lapa is a thatched outdoor entertainment area, of African origin and all the sides are usually open) since it is very warm these days. We needed to give my mom some African culture.

So we went to Lesedi a cultural village about a half hour drive from our house. They call it a place of light which is build around a Ndebele village. The community still lives and practice their traditional way of life, i.e traditional ceremonies, Ndebele paintings, beadwork and Ndebele culture in general. However in Lesedi you can visit the villages of the Zulu, Bashoto, Xhosa and Pedi tribes. Very interesting to see the 5 tribes with their different languages, cultures, foods, clothing and way of living. All still very common here in South Africa. The country still has a very strong sense of their backgrounds and are really proud of their heritage. It is great to be welcomed by these wonderful, proud and vibrant people!

Dirk and the girls with some Zulu men.

A Pedi girl while performing a traditional dance, trying to get her feet as high as possible.

Oma and the girls with some Pedi men.

Juliet and Jasmine with Ndebele women.

Yesterday we went to Moyo Zoo Lake in Joburg, an African restaurant where African dancers perform while you eat in the magnificent gardens of the restaurant in a beautiful area of Joburg. Guests are welcomed with a traditional face painting which the girls LOVE! We had a scrumptious lunch and had a wonderful time watching all the African performers. Playing their drums and dancing, moving and shaking their booties like only African girls can do ;-)

And tomorrow we are going to Soweto, the biggest township in South Africa where we will visit the Nelson Mandela Bridge, the Hector Pieterson Museum, the Regina Mundi Church, Freedom Square, the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital , the largest hospital in the world and the Mandela House Museum. But we also will visit the Apartheid Museum and the Oppenheimer Tower.

A lot of things to see and learn in one day! More pictures and stories later!
Have a great Xmas break if you have one ;-)


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Emm said...

I always wanted to go to Lesedi Village but never made it! Isn't Moyo nice?


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