Monday, December 15, 2008

Xmas cards over the years

Before I show you the newest addition to my Xmas card series, I like to share the ones we started in 2002, the year the girls were born.

2002. The girls are 8 months old and we're living in Thailand. JJ is eating an orchid ;-)

2003. I can only find the sepia version, but the original was in color. Now we have moved to Connecticut, USA. Jezz left.
2004. With their Jip & Janneke umbrella's. JJ left.
2005. Fake fur, this photo I got quite some comments on....a little controversial for the American public. JJ left.
2006. Sweet tutu girls. Jezz left.
2007. A cute ornament. JJ left.

And below some pictures at Santa's or Sinterklaas' lap.

2004, the girls are 2 years old. And seemingly quite OK to sit on Santa's lap.

2005. Although it is a different story at Sinterklaas' lap, they don't know what to feel about this black guy with the red lips, and the old geezer with the funky beard!

2007. By now they are 5 years old and still a bit unsure, but know they will get candy after this photo has been taken, so they do it to get things over...quick!

The girls look so little in all these pictures. When I see the Xmas card version..(and you have to be a bit more patient for that) I find they are already so grown up. It goes so fast!!

I am sending out the cards for this year TODAY!
So I am hoping you will get them on time.

ciao, Mireille

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