Thursday, December 18, 2008

White Christmas...

That's the only thing we can't have here in South Africa, but hey...there are always other options!

He he....just an easy post today, I am too busy to get the house in order for when my mom comes next week! (thanks for the joke Lynne!)

Are you busy preparing as well?
Ciao, Mireille


Anonymous said...

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annet said...

Deze ik kan wel waarderen.....ha ha ha......fijne kerstdagen.....

Jen and Jeff said...

LOL - that is really a cute/funny post. I'm dreaming of a WARM Christmas but we aren't going to get it this year. It's FREEZING here and the oil guy forgot to fill us up last week! Came home last night to a very cold house (it was 20 F yesterday). Luckily, we had just enough wood to burn until they got here at 2:30 am with an emergency supply of oil! Enjoy the sun and pool for us, okay??


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