Friday, December 19, 2008

Xmas break...yeah!!

Today the first day of Xmas or Summer break for the American International School here in Joburg. And we planned to go to a play. With 6 moms and 15 kids, between the ages of 4-10 we went to Joburg to the National Children's theatre and saw Charlotte's Web.

Wilbur (Megan Reeks) jumps for joy while Templeton the Rat (Thorsten Wedekind), the old Sheep (Jai Sewram), Wilbur the Pig (Megan Reeks), the President (Alex Radnitz) and Goose (Rene Mabotha) look on with amazement.

It's a small theatre where the children can sit on the floor at the front while the parents can sit just behind them. Very small and intimate, but very fun! Well-loved stories, fantastic characters, beautiful sets and costumes come together to bring the magic of theatre to thousands of children from all socio-economic backgrounds. In 2004 the NCT reached over 3 million viewers during live performances and television appearances. The NCT is rooted in the belief that earlier experiences with the arts will have profoundly positive effects on the development of children and ultimately, their participation in the life of their communities.

Afterwards we went with the whole bunch for lunch and then when we came home the girls were ready for a swim. Since it is so hot here in Joburg!

Having these long breaks from school isn't always the easiest on the parents. The children get bored easily so you have to entertain these kids these days. It was a whole different ball game when we were kids. We just were sent outside and you weren't expected home till dinner. What a difference in upbringing it is these days!

Enjoy your Xmas break, winter or summer season!
Ciao, Mireille

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