Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas in sunny South Africa

To give you an idea how the spirits are here in South Africa during Xmas, then this picture of Santa on the beach is a very good impression.
Since it is mid summer here, people either spend their days at the pool in the backyard or they go to the beach for their summer break. So it is very easy going and relaxed.

We will have our big Xmas dinner outside next to the pool, while we enjoy and braai (BBQ) our kingklip and prawn kebabs in chermoula sauce, green mealie (corn) bread, roast beetroot and carrot salad, msamba (pumpkin leaves), irio (kenyas mashed potatoes) and spinach in peanut coconut sauce, the girls will dipp into the pool while nibbling on their food. And for dessert a Tanzanian pineapple salad with a Don Pedro to finish it off. I hope it taste all as good as it sounds ;-)
This is a complete African Xmas dinner, with only recipes from the African continent, like countries as Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa. Very different than most people would celebrate here, but since this Xmas is not a traditinal one anyway for us, I decided to do everything in a different manner.

Contemporary tree, contemporary dinner....and on Boxing day we will be in the fields celebrating with friends who have a lot of horses and other small petting animals. The kids can wander around the big fields and play with the animals and we will enjoy the company from our friends.

It is funny that the weather has such a big impact on the way you'll celebrate a festival! But I must say it is harder to get into the spirit without the cold and the snow. It is different, not bad in a way, but just not the way we are used to it!

Enjoy the spirit of the season!


Jen and Jeff said...

Love your cool contemporary "trees"! Looks great and those pillows with the green are also fab! Your meal sounds both fun and delicious! Have a wonderful holiday with hubby and the girls!!

Jen and Jeff said...

ps - been meaning to write you back for a week and tell ask if we can PLEASE be your neighbor sometime in this lifetime! Your New Years Eve parties sound amazing!!! Can't you live closer??

Mireille said...

Life is not over yet Jen! So who knows, whould be really fun!! Maybe I can send this out into the universe, I totally believe in postive attraction ;)


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