Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Xmas tree ~ Traditional vs Contemporary

I am in a dilemma, since it is hard to buy a GOOD real Xmas tree here, most of the people have a fake one. But if you are used to the North East of the USA where they have the most beautiful trees where you go to a farm and cut your own... you get spoiled and want that every year...also when you live in South Africa. But the thing is, they don't sell these beautiful trees here.... So instead of the fake one I was thinking about another option. Since we can't have the real deal... I rather go for something completely different!

Like this tree; a very modern plywood, easy to store, easy to take out again next year! What do you think?

Or fake green, but not your usual green, no ELECTRIC green. Fancy or not?? Remember I want something COMPLETELY different!

Or lighted branches, no needles to vacuum, just some empty branches, spray paint the whole thing white or silver, hang some ornaments and done... what do you think?

Or instead of the fake green, a fake white with silver ornaments. Gives this peaceful vibe....yes or no??

If everything else fails...I can always go for the Charlie Brown option, find a pathetic little tree and treat it with compassion....it is not ABOUT the tree, but the thought behind it! Shall I do this??

Or the last option, very desperate, buy the d@%n fake tree, but hang it upside down. I wanted something different, at least not all my neighbors will have this...they may have the tree, but not hanging upside down!! So what do you think?

And please give it fast...I really feel I need to start decorating the house for Xmas this week, in Africa everything takes longer and I already spotted some difficulites in this house....no electrical outlets in the places I need them. Many in the dining area...I don't know why we need so many in the dining area, and none in the family room!!! Aaarrghh...this will not be an easy decorating week for me! So please give me some advice, and think about the practicality...the easier it is, the more I will go for that option ;-)

PS: I know that many of you have an artificial tree, and that is great, but I just feel for me this is not the option this year. I feel like something different...so I hope not that I have offended you, that is not my intention!! All that counts is that you are happy with YOUR tree ;-)

Enjoy your decking the halls, hope it will go smoother than mine!
Love, M


Wyndee said...

I have an idea for you---- what about a soda pop can Christmas tree? http://www.yesbutnobutyes.com/archives/2008/12/redneck_christm.html



annet said...

Wat dacht je van een "echte" boom[geen kerst boom maar gewone boom]die al afgestorven is.......een dode boom.Mischien staat er een in je omgeving of tuin.Haal alle blaadjes eraf,spijker er een houten kruis onder en schilder hem evt met witte kalk verf[muur verf].Heel basic en naturel........

rosemary said...

I completely love the mod, gold tree in your first picture. I mean I REALLY love it! That is just fun and funky design no matter where you live. In fact, it would look totally cute in my teeny-tiny NYC apartment. Hmmmm, where did you find it? Please tell...

Emm said...

I've always wanted a white Xmas tree. I wouldn't ever use a real one for environmental reasons. Why not go for one of the African trees?

Mireille said...

Rosemary, the tree I found on the www.thedesignfiles.net site, Soren Luckins is the designer for Buro North. He won a design award with this tree. I am not sure it is for sale already, but I love this tree as well! Now I did a combination of your suggestions. I bought willow branches, dead ones. And 2 green pots, divided the branches and hung Swarovski crystals, silver and bright green (my accent color in the house) in the tree. I just need to add the lights today...looks really cool and funky, modern and something different. Pictures will folow later!

Jen and Jeff said...

I like the green one and the frosty white one. Not sure about that upside down one, but hey, it WOULD be original!!


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