Monday, January 5, 2009

Underwater shots with our new camera

Dirk got a new camera for Xmas, an Olympus 1030 SW. The Stylus 1030 SW is one tough camera. The Shockproof till 6.6 ft, Waterproof till 33 ft, Freezeproof 14F and Crushproof 220 Lbf, is indeed a camera I thought would be just perfect for Dirk! So you can throw it in the water and let it fall now and then nothing happens. However, it doesn't have a rubber case it just looks like a normal camera, but it can go swimming with us in our backyard pool. So we tried it out... a bit reluctant but it worked!!

Here are some shots Dirk made while he was in the pool with JJ and Jezz, isn't it funny?? The 3 of them had a blast while my mom and me where lying by the pool on our sunbeds.... we are still having our Xmas break and enjoying the sun and warm weather very much!!

Our house, a view from the pool.

JJ as a fish.

Jezz at the bottom.

Dirk in the back, JJ left and Jezz right.

JJ left, Jezz right.

Jezz in the front.

Fun this new toy Santa brought us ;-)
Life is good ;-) and we are happy and grateful, hope you had a great Xmas present as well!

I am waiting for my confirmation for our safari either tomorrow or the day after.
Ciao, Mireille


Jen and Jeff said...

How fun! Just got your Christmas card in the mail today. It made it here and is just gorgeous! The girls look so adorable. Love the photo you chose. Thank you!

annet said...

Sawadeeeeeee pi mai/happy new year.......gaaf de camera.......leuke foto's van die meiden.Geniet je lekker van je mams om je heen......

groetjes,liefs van hier

Mireille said...

Thanks girls! I am a little behind blogging with my mom here and haven't been emailing much...sorry!


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