Friday, August 15, 2008

Container arrived!

YEAH!! Our container with furniture arrived. I am unpacking already the whole week, and about 300 of 500+ boxes are unpacked. The house is still not ready for guests but I am getting there. And you know what, my own computer is installed and suddenly my blogging problem is solved as well! On this computer I can add pictures again. So I will be blogging and adding pictures more and more again.
I am so happy :-)

Jasmine and Juliet went for the first time to school here in SA. And they adjusted just fine. The bus comes in the morning at 06:58 (THAT EARLY!) and brings them back at 3:50 pm. So long days, but they seem not been affected by it so far. Only on Fridays they are back at 2:15 pm. So nice long weekend ahead!

Dirk is making big changes at work, and it seems that people needing that guidance here. A lot to do here at Hilti SA, but he is up to the challenge and so far he is making progress.

We are adjusting fine to the rainbow nation and we have the impression that we will have a grand time here. So far so good! It is quite easy to make friends, since there are a lot of expats here. And so many wonderful things to do for the kids and for us. So far no complaining, although we have major issues with the house we are renting, like leakages that won't be solved because nobody figured out yet where it comes from. So maybe we just have to close one of the 5 bathrooms and turn it into another room. Because hacking open the floors and finding that leaking pipe into the concrete...I am not looking forward to that dust and rubble. So I will keep you updated what the plans are.

For now, have a great weekend. And I promise more pictures are coming!!
Love, Mireille

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