Friday, August 22, 2008

emptying the piggy bank

The school nurse called me mid afternoon that Jasmine had a big swollen abses on her leg, it was very red and puss came out of the wound. She tought it was better that I go to a doctor for treatment. So we did, I picked up the girls..of course JJ wanted to join us as well. She likes the attention...and being picked up by your mother in the middle of the day gives you some extra attention ;-)
So off we went to the doctor. First time here in SA and I was wondering how it would go. Jezz was a bit nervous, thinking she would need a shot, so she told me the pain was miraculously gone by the time we entered the doctors office ;-) But I told her we go in anyway. and I am sure it is not a big deal, just some antibiotic cream or so. Was she releaved when the doctor told her it was a spider bite and she just has to take 5 days of penicilin after each meal...... pffew I haven't seen a happier girl in a while; no shot needed!!

The girls found this week their piggy bank while unpacking all their toys. Well, it was still full of coins and dollars.
JJ told me that we can't do anything with 'Ridgefield money' here in South Africa, so they were happy to give the pennies, dimes and dollars to me to trade it for the more valuable Rand ;-)
Then they convinced me to go with the newly gathered 'SA money' to Toys-R-Us!! With about R150 each ($20) we are going today after school to the toy store. What lucky girls that there is a Toys-R-Us here, and even closer to our home than in Ridgefield. So I am worried we will see that store quite a bit from the inside from now on...although I am not a big toy buyer (rather buy clothes ;-) but we have to buy a present for Kaitlyn, a friend of JJ and Jezz, since she has a birthday on Saturday. So we catch 2 flies in 1 swat!

Life is not too bad for 6 year old twins adapting to a new life in a new country and on a new continent....hey as long as there is Toys-R-Us!! LOL

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