Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Creating fancy bangs & buddy bear fashion show

Last night, in the dark, Jezz had a creative thought... she wanted to create some fancy bangs.
So she took a kitchen siccors and cut her front part of her hair. She said to me there was some chewing gum sticking in it...but she was already in bed..with NO chewing gum! I actually think she wanted to look like her Japanese friend in her class. But whatever the reason was... I really tried to figure it out, but if something naughty happens, Jezz kind of keeps very quite ;-)
So now it is easy to keep JJ and Jezz apart, JJ has a missing front tooth and Jezz has bangs!

In our local mall, Cedar Square, there is a Buddy Bear shop (SA version of Build-a-Bear). So Saturday they are organizing a Buddy Bear fashion show and the girls are signed up to walk. They are very excited, the bears and the models have to kinda dress alike. Quite a challenge since the outfits for the bears don't really resemble JJ and Jezz's funky style. But we managed to find an outfit that looks a bit like the girls' outfit for Saturday.

We will have fun and that is the most important part. JJ thinks that she will win, since Jezz has st@#%d bangs. Kids can be cruel to each other ;-(

We'll keep you updated!
Ciao, Mireille

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