Monday, August 18, 2008

Unpacking & having fun at Moyo

We've been unpacking now for a whole week, and there are still boxes left everywhere! I came upon 6! hairdryers, with plugs from Holland, Thailand and the USA. So not one of them I can use here in South Africa without changing the plug or adding an adapter.... We have too much stuff and I gave already 8 fully loaded boxes to Khetho our new full-time live-in maid. She is in heaven! And me too, I want to down size and get rid of a lot of stuff, and who is more suitable than this lovely 23 year old girl from Zimbabwe who is part of our family now!

But we did more than just unpack, we had a Bday party for Donna, a new friend of us and some other friends we just met. So the 9 of us, since Donna had her sister visiting from Australia and 2 other couples we went to Moyo in Melrose Arch, Joburg to celebrate her big day. Moyo is an contemporary African restaurant with 5 floors and is an intricate fusion of African flavours, textures, sights, sounds and smells, creating the greatest feeling of all: expectation.

With a live band and lovely waitresses who face paints the female diners with these delicate African dots and flowers.
Inspired by the diversity of Africa, moyo features a range of flavours and taste sensations… from the spicy tagines of the North, to the curries of the East and seafood delights of the South incorporating fruits, spices and an array of the freshest meats, poultry and vegetables. Yummy, Yummy, was so good and so much fun to see everybody dancing to the music of Africa.
And this was only our first big weekend out...I know there is more for us to discover!

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