Sunday, August 31, 2008

Buddy Bear fashion show

Jasmine and Juliet participated in a Buddy Bear fashion show on Saturday. The girls and boys had to compete with their Buddy Bear and dress alike. Although the girls didn't have a Buddy Bear, they participated with their Build-a-Bear. They wouldn't discriminate against the 'foreign' bears they told us. Here are some of the participants being a bit nervous and waiting to line up.

JJ and Jezz were wearing red and white and so where their bears, there were more than 30 kids walking the red carpet. It was so much fun and so cute to see!

Buddy Bear is the South African version of Build-a-Bear and the store is located in Cedar Square, here in Fourways. The mall has an open concept, so the sun was brightly shining and it became quite hot for us to sit on the side in the full sun.
Here is JJ pondering and waiting to see if she is one of the finalists, they were a bit dissapointed when they realized they weren't part of the eight finalists. To be honest I thought that at least one of them would be in the final 8, but we are thinking because the girls didn't have a Buddy Bear that that was part of the reason they didn't win....You never know, but none of the children who came with a Build-a-Bear didn't win, so you have to think. But in the end it didn't really matter, they had fun doing the show and they got a Buddy Bear shirt for their bear and a coupon for a free ice cream, on such a hot day...that is just perfect ;-)
Here JJ and Jezz are posing with their friend Heidi who also did walk the red carpet with her ballerina bear.

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