Sunday, August 24, 2008

the little mermaid

This weekend the girls had a Bday party at the local Barnyard Theatre. Same concept as in Ridgefield. You reserve a table and buy the tickets for the show, and you bring your own food and drinks, or order it at the local restaurant.

Well, Kaitlyn a friend of JJ and Jezz turned 6 and she invited a group of her friends to see the show. It was the Little Mermaid, well known story from Christian Anderson but they added some contemporary music into it and it turned out to be really funny and great for kids and adults!

Later in the evening we were all invited to go to an Italian restaurant where they have a huge playground, so the kids can play while the adult chat, drink some vino and eat. The kids made their own pizzas in between playing and we had a wonderful night. Most of the restaurants are kid friendly, but they go beyond being kid-friendly, it is a whole different ball game here. It is not only that the meals are kid and prize friendly, they really cater to kids with games, balloons, and playgrounds. The US could learn something from the South Africans!

Besides the fun part, we also did a lot in the house. We installed a kitchen counter in Khetho's room (our live-in nanny, hung up some curtains and a bathroom mirror. When she comes home later this evening she will be thrilled to see how we enhanced her room ;-)

I stained some small furniture pieces and now my hands are so dark brown I can't get it off with soap and water or terpentine, so it has to wear off... Oh well, that is part of moving house I guess ;-(

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