Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Checking out the malls and restaurants in Fourways

During the weekend we've checked out some malls here in Fourways, that is close to Johannesburg or Joburg as they call it here. The malls and restaurants are amazingly modern, no problem finding the right stuff here that is for sure! And a lot of the restaurants have playgrounds, so the girls actually thought it was fun to go out and eat. Normally they rather eat at home, but here it is a kids paradise!!

We bought a car for me this weekend, we knew what we wanted, so it was quite easy to make a decision. Since the parking lots and parking garages are quite small here compared to the US, I didn't want a big SUV. And on top of that the car prices and gasoline is more expensive here, we decided to go for a smaller car. Well, the choice is a BMW 1, very cute car. I can't wait till I get it! The system is a bit different here than in the US, you can't take the car the same day you buy it. First the paperwork has to be done and about in a week or so you can pick it up.

Since Jasmine and Juliet still have summer vacation, we try to do some fun activities most of the days. Some days they are fine to just go and play at the club house here on the compound, and play at the playground with the other children who just finish their school day. But some days they want to do more. Well, luckily there are tons of arts and craft activities to do around here. Which we are doing, things like mosaic, painting, beading, decoupage, cardmaking, clay work, candle and soapmaking. They have these art and craft shops where you just drop in and make whatever craft you like for that day. So fun, and a good way to meet more people! But we haven't even discovered all things, like zoo's, museums and other things you can do with kids...so many choices, so little time...at least now. But we have months and years to come to discover!

It is winter here, but only in the mornings and evenings it is quite chilly. During the day it warms up till about 65-68 degrees, so not bad at all. And always sunny, we haven't had a day of rain since we arrived. Very dry air, which makes our skin and lips very dry.

We had to get used to the air here, since Joburg is on a high altitude on 1740 meter, it makes you easy tired, but we are getting used to it already a bit more. And of course the change of season, environment, traveling, changing our whole life style is exhausting. All the new impressions you do during a day, but we are amazed how well the girls adapt! They are just troopers in moving around!!

Ok, that's it for today, have a nice week y'all!

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Suzanne said...

Hi Mireille and family, it is great to have you online again and to read all your adventures in SA.
Kisses from Ridgefield,
Suzy and the Boyz


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