Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday ~ Pub night at the club house

Every Thursday we have dinner at the clubhouse here at Fourways Gardens. This is how we met our new friends we have so far. The girls love it, there are so many children and families coming, so there is always a friend to play with. And while the adults have a sip of wine, the kids run freely around on the playground and grass fields that are ajoining the patio of the restaurant.

It is a buffet style dinner and the adults pay R40 and children under 10 pay R20. That is a little bit more than $5 for the adults and half for the children, so you almost can't cook for that yourself! A bottle of wine cost about R83, so we have an joyful evening where a few bottles of wine are flowing...mind you we are mostly with about 6-8 1 bottle of wine doesn't do it!

It is always a fun and relaxing evening. Although it is getting cooler in the evening after the sun goes down and it is still winter, everybody is sitting outside. Luckily we have those patio heaters, those big mushrooms that keeps several tables warm. So these winters here in SA are not too bad ;-)

Most of you who are reading my blog are in the Northern hemisphere and still in summer season. Did ya'll have a good summer?

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