Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yeah!! ~ I passed the test!

Yeah, today I did the naturalization test today and I passed!! So pretty soon I will get an American Passport.

It was quite the process again. We had to be there quite early, so the girls went to my friend Suzy in the morning to get on and off the school bus. We drove a little over an hour to Hartfort and waited in line.... the lines weren't too bad, but you always have to wait, although you have an appointed time.

First the officer checked my paperwork, lot's of them! And went through question for question. Then he stumbled upon a few items that he wanted more paperwork for, that I have to send in later. Since our history is not the standard, living here and there, moving so often he wanted some more documentation. So the process isn't finalized yet.

I was hoping that we could finnish this process before we move to SA, but that is not going to happen, so I probably have to fly back...about 25 hours to do the US citizen oath ceremony. Or maybe we can combine that with our next yearly visit to the US. Only after that I can get my passport. But at least I passed the test!! Yeah!!

I thought the test would be harder, but it is quite easy. Out of 100 questions you have to learn (they provide you with a booklet) they'll ask you 10 questions. So no multiple choice! Then you have to write one English sentence and you have to read out loud one sentence. If you fly through this like I did, you'll pass!!

Now it is only sending in some more paperwork and waiting till I hear back from them. But I am happy that this part is over.

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