Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Preparing for Ballet recital

Yeah, the new costumes for the girls ballet recital have arrived! Don't they look georgous? Long lavender skirt with a satin sash and a purple orchid, so beautiful and gracefull. All the girls will look so cute!
Jasmine and Juliet were so excited, they were pretending to give me a show. I had to sit in a chair neatly positioned in a row, as if there were other people watching. And they were pretening to be on stage. Music on, you know the whole deal, if you have kids. And first they had to warm up, and then it started...very serious giving me a performance of a life time. It was so cute!....Why can't they stay this age forever??

The girls dance for the Enchanted Garden in Ridgefield, they organise one of the best recitals in the area. They really do such a good job. On May 24th the performance will be held in the Wilton High school at the David F. Clune Center for the arts. We can't wait to see it ;-)

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