Thursday, May 8, 2008

Big kids in the City...

Jasmine & Juliet love to go to the Big Apple, so once in a while they have a modeling gig in the City and they get all excited! A lot of these photo shoots we have to cancel since I don't want the girls to skip school for it. But yesterday, it was georgous weather and they had a modeling appointment for H&M in the afternoon. So after school, we loaded up the car with coloring books, drinks and food and drove to NYC. We actually found a parking lot across the street from the CB studios on W.29th, between 7&8th Ave. They took quite some pictures from the girls, alone and together. So who knows you will soon see JJ and Jezz in a H&M catalog? I'll keep you posted if they use their pictures. Since they always use more children for 1 shoot and the best shots are used of course. It was fun, even if their pictures are not published ;-)
Afterwards we walked a bit through the streets, ate a yummy ice cream and went back home. Just another week day in the Dijkstra household.

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Cheryl Lage said...

Look at those stunning girls! What fun you must have had! Will definitely check back in---


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