Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Flower Fairies searching for Forest Fairies

14 little girls, age 5+6 were dressed up as Flower Fairies. It was a magical Sunday, a day to remember for a long time. I am talking about the birthday party I organized for Jasmine and Juliet in the forest.We had all the girls dressed up in little flower fairies outfits and they went on a scavenger hunt in the woods to gather items so they could build a fairy house for their friends the Forest Fairies. It was a wonderful day with all these little girls, their imagination running wild, and of course seeing these magical Fairies flying in the air. Only those who believe can see them...of course!
Juliet's class
Jasmine's class
Once they had build the house, they blessed it with homemade Pixi dust to make the fairy house magical and to welcome the new habitants. They were so serious in their cute to see!
Fairies also get hungry, so we had some fairy sandwiches, fairy berry punch, fairy cupcakes and fairy berry cake to celebrate JJ and Jezz's 6th Birthday!

The girls danced and sang songs to attract the fairies to their new homes. We even created a fairy potty....since fairies also have to pee. That was something to experience, so of course all the girls had to go...Can you imagine? I let the details out, but we did it very tastefully and private ;-) as good fairies would do!

The girls had a great time, and so did I!
Have a good one, Mireille

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