Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day ~ Kent Falls

Wow, what a beautiful day it was today, and was I lucky that I was the one that got spoiled! First I got drawings, cards, perfume and other goodies presented in bed by the girls and Dirk. Then they made fresh cinnamon rolls (with the help of daddy) and after that we went with a few good friends to Kent Falls. A pittoresk and quaint little village in Litfield county. And spent the whole day, playing on the big grassy fields, taking a hike to the waterfalls and playing in the small creek, catching a crawfish and touching a watersnake.

We all prepared some delicious food and to top it off we had 2 bottles of champagne! Not bad for a small town mom ;-)

We had egg salad sandwiches, yummy on rye bread.
We had salmon on toast and crackers.
And we had huge strawberries dipped in chocolate. It was so good, yummy and delicious!

We really had a wonderful afternoon. Suzy and her family joined us and later Edwana and her 3 children came as well. All the children played so well together and we just had a relaxing day. Sitting in the sun, soaking in the fresh air, and while we were sipping champagne, Suzy was testing me on my knowledge for my naturalisation test that I will have tomorrow! I am sure that the champagne will help my score ;-)

It was just a perfect Mother's Day for me! I hope you all enjoyed your day, whatever you did my friends!
Love, Mireille

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