Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Flower Fairies in the woods

This week I am working on a Birthday party for Jasmine & Juliet. The theme is Flower Fairies and the whole party will be in the woods. So far we have 13 girls that will attend, and I am making, with the help of my friend Suzy, individual flower crowns or halos, whatever you call them. The idea is that the girls will be divided in 2 groups and each group has to find magical fairy items to build them a new fairy dwelling. Items like pine cones, feathers, moss, bark etc..
The girls will be dressed in flower fairy outfits and will get a new fairy name, like Bluebell Twinkle-Toes or Blossom Willow-Tree, Snowdrop Lake-Mist and many others.

After the houses are build we will have a small blessing ceremony with fairy dust (made from glitter, cinnamon, sprinkles, mint leaves and other nice smelling herbs) to make the houses magical and liveable for the Forest Fairies. The girls will be eating fairy sandwiches shaped like pine cones and leaves from the woods, fairy berry punch and fairy cakes. The forest will be 'dressed up' with mosquito netting and flowers to make it more festive and magical.

I just hope that it will stay dry this weekend, since I have to drag a lot of stuff into the forest.... Wish me luck and I will keep you updated with pictures next Monday!

Ciao, Mireille

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