Monday, May 5, 2008

busy weekend....

We planned for a quite weekend since Dirk had his 4 wisdom teeth pulled on Friday. We heard horror stories about it, so we didn't plan anything, so he could just relax and (maybe) be miserable....But it turned out that he didn't have any problems at all and he even went to a bar with his friend Bob for a drink. I went with the girls to a play from another friend of us; Alex. It was a fun play and we had fun, came home so late because the play went on forever. Cute play, but loooong!

Saturday morning, Mia our dear friend did her holy communion. So JJ, Jezz and me went to the church to witness this event and took some photographs for them. She looked so beautiful and her parents were very proud! It was really cute to see all the 7 & 8 year old being so serious. So that's why I thought this picture here was so cute. Mia in a moment chatting with her best friend. For JJ and Jezz it was their first church experience and they were very impressed with the 'popes' who were doing the mass and the Jesus figure hanging on his cross. They were asking questions all the time, while I tried to tell them not to talk so much in church. Living in a family with 3 believes; catholic, protestant and buddhism, what do I tell the children? It is still a dilemma for me. So we teach them to respect other people, be kind and tell them about spirituality in general. But then when a child gets confronted with a huge Jesus crucifixion you can wait for the questions....I don't have the answers in short, definitely not while we are following a service! After the church we went to the Lius' home for a dinner with friends and family and had a great time!

Sunday I went to a movie with 2 of my friends; Patsy and Suzy and we saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which was really funny and we laughed a lot. Afterwards a drink at my house and before we knew it it was late again!

After all, not such a quite weekend, but that always happens at the Dijkstra household. Seize the day!

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