Saturday, May 10, 2008

Do you know the answer?

I am studying for my naturalization test this weekend. On Monday I will do the test and soon I will become an American citizen...yeah! There are 100 questions I have to know the answer to. The test will have 10 questions and I have to have 6 right answers to succeed.

Do you know the answers to these questions? Here just an example of the questions.
- How many changes, or amendments, are there to the Constitution?
- What are the 3 branches of our government?
- What is t he legislative branch of our Government?
- What makes up Congres?
- What special group advised the President?

I definitely have to study a bit, so wish me success on Monday, I will be in Hartford!

- What is the most important right granted to US citizens?...The right to vote! YEAH, so I am able to vote in November, that will be great!! Although I will be living in SA at that moment, I am sure I have access to vote there as well. I have to check that out, but I am going to vote!! I like to be part of a change in the US.

However, equal to right come obligations as well, like paying taxes. Not our most favorite thing to do...

Although I am lucky that I don't need to answer this call!

Have a great Mother's Day weekend y'all!

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