Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween '09

We had so much fun this year with Halloween, first the party at school which was fun, creative, hot and lots of kids in great costumes!! They had all kinds of activities planned and of course a parade with trick 'r treating at the end. They even got a toothbrush and toothpaste sponsored by Colgate, how thoughtful is that!

Then on Saturday we first went to the Theatre to see CATS! Wow, that was so much fun, the show was amazing and the girls just LOVED it!!

Then in a rush we got dressed and went to my friend's house where the kids did their rounds of trick 'r treating with the nannies/maids and the adults had fun at the house with all kinds of international food and drinks, since we did a potluck party while in the meantime lots of kids entered the house to get some treats.
Dirk joined in later with the Halloween fun, he first went to a Rugby game in Pretoria, they even do tailgate parties before, but here they call it a braai with Boere rol and steak. And the Bulls won, so he was a happy camper as well!

Juliet's class

The girls only

And the boys

Juliet in action, filling a pumpkin with popcorn as fast as possible

Jasmine's class

2 of her friends, Emma & Jeongwoo

Jasmine in action as well

The nice thing about celebrating Halloween in a warm country is that you don't need layers underneath your costume, makes it a lot more fun! I was wearing a funky dress and my 'infamous' purple wig, went as a Wacky Woman! Unfortunately have no picture ;)

Do you celebrate Halloween? And how did you enjoy it this year, were you dressed up?
Enjoy the weekend!


Wyndee said...

Where did you find the girls' costumes? They have to be the cutest pirate outfits I've ever seen. I see pirates in my girls' future Halloweens..... ;-)

Leah and Maya said...

you are so right, it is normally cold here so youthink about what they are going to dress up as or yout hink about what all you can put under it. Great pictures and what a fun day.

Maci Miller said...

Great costumes! The girls look beautiful. Looks like a fun time was had by all! Thanks for your comments on Ruby. It was so fun doing Halloween with her!!!!

rosemary said...

Love the pirate outifts!! Looks like a really fun day!


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