Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Juliet and her bunnies

Both the girls are totally in LOVE with our newborn bunnies. Here Juliet wanted to tell us about her new favorite little Thumper, she named him/her? in honour of the Thumper that died a few months ago.

She also shows us the mother Winter with her 5 babies, that all look alike to me, but NOT to the girls!! The spots are SO different mama!! Well... I don't really see it, to me they are identical quintuplets!.... wow, twins and quintuplets in the house... that is asking for trouble! LOL.

How cute are they?!

Have a great day,
Mireille :-)

1 comment:

Leah and Maya said...

I can't actually watch the video but they are sure are cute. I know they aren't very old before they start breeding together, watch out. We had two bunnies dumped at a house we lived in and then there were a million bunnies, some blind from interbreeding and there went the foundation of that house.


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