Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Jasmine is totally hooked on the movie Twilight, she has seen it at least 15 times! When we were in NYC in July, that same weekend Robert Pattinson was there, and she was hoping that we would run into him.

Of course... we didn't.

But then later when we saw news clips from him in the City and he was mopped by people, Jezz told me, that he doesn't like that because Edward is really sensible mama!..... she means sensitive, because that is what she heard in another interview where Bella talked about her co-star being sensitive!!

How cute is that! She is really concerned about him!! I guess you can talk about the first celebrity crush here... :-)

Soon New Moon is coming out here, and Jasmine can't wait to see it!! Of course I need to see it first to check if it is OK for her to see it, that's what I did with Twilight... I don't mind... not a bad job, he is rather easy on the eye! LOL

How about you? Do you have a crush on Edward??

Have a great day y'all!


Lacie said...

I totally have a crush on Edward. Read the book, you'll love him too, I promise! I feel like a middle schooler writing that, but so true! SO stinking cute that your girl has a crush on him! How sweet!

Nichole and Craig said...

Yep there is for sure an Edward crush here. I have read the books about 5 time and seen Twilight 100 time. I felt like a teenager again with an obsession.
My sister and I are buying our new moon tickets today we are going to go to a matinee so hopefully it won't be as busy.

Leah and Maya said...

so I might be the only one who hasn't seen it or read the book. Iooked fantasy and I dont' typically like that, but I did love all the vampire books that Ann Rice wrote. I will have to read them and see.

Sandie said...

I am with Leah....I havent read the books at all but loved the Anne Rice Vampire books. I have to say though he is a lucky lucky man to have someone as gorgeous as your little girl in love with him. Very Cute! X Sandie - Australia

Emm said...

I went to see New Moon on Saturday and I loved it! Did the girls like it? I used to be an Edward girl but Jacob has grown up nicely!


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