Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween at school

The girls woke me up at 5:30 am this morning, too excited to wait any longer! By 6am they were getting ready to be transformed as a Pirate!!

Halloween at school today and the girls have this amazing pirate outfit that a very talented seamstress Val Daly made for us! I just printed a picture from the internet, bought the fabric I wanted and she made these for us, without a pattern! The workmanship on these outfits is extremely well done! The body/corset is made from original African ShweShwe fabric and can be worn from both sides, it has gold coins on the rim. The skirt has a satin liner with tutu fabric on top and the blouse has sparkles all over. Then Val found me these eye patches and earring to go with it, the girls look like real pirates :-) and are very happy to go to school looking like this!

They have to look serious, since Pirates don't smile so sweet as Princesses! is their theory :-)

Have a Fantastic Halloween y'all!


Sharon said...

Oh My Goodness!! The girls look fabulous!!

I bet they were the best dressed pirates at school!

Lacie said...

Awesome costumes!!! Thanks for sharing!

Leah and Maya said...

Those are amazing costumes!!!!! beautiful beautiful pirates!

Kim said...

I LOVE the girls costumes! I can tell that you are all about the the crimped hair...GREAT!

LOve it all!

Wyndee said...

Oh my gosh! Those are the cutest little pirates I've ever seen!

Wendy said...

Great costumes. They remind me of the designs my mom, who was a seamstress, used to make me for Halloween when I was a kid. Hope you guys had a great Halloween.

Maci Miller said...

Awesome pirates! They look so great! I love how they are really in character, too! LOL

Annie said...

Wow!! Fantastic costumes! What fun!


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