Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Busy learning more about photography...

I am in the middle of all my photography lessons, and Wow it is intense!! I am doing at the moment a course named: Photographing with Impact, Basic Photo shop, although it is not so basic anymore to me! and yesterday I started People Photography.

I am very impressed with the lecturers, they are great! Knowledgeable, inspiring and motivating!! Love to go to class! Yesterday I did 2 classes, each 3 hours and for each class I have to drive 45 minutes one-way, so my whole day was swallowed with Photography. So for anyone who is living in SA and want to do some Photography lessons, go to the College of Digital Photography in Saxonwold! Here is their website.

A few more weeks and then I'll have a break, will start again next year. I need that break to practice all the tips and tricks I am learning now. It is one thing to see your teacher do it, now I have to practice, practice, practice myself!!

Below some shots I did for my last lesson: I call it Macro in the kitchen and added some extra blue and red lights to make it more interesting.... I am not impressed with my own work yet. Was kinda running out of time and totally not inspired... got interrupted the whole time with telephones, people visiting etc... not good for my concentration! But that is the thing, I have to do this in between my life and working with deadlines isn't always easy... But hopefully I will look back in one year and see the improvement I made, that's why I am posting these, so I can look back soon and think: Wow I am so much better now... can't wait for that moment :-)

In all the shots I added a blue and red torch light, to give it an extra dimension. And these are not done with a Macro lens, unfortunately I don't have one... so just my regular lens Nikon D80 18-135mm. But I just went as close as possible.

This is actually the only one that I like; a shot from my kitchen drawer. I tried it with different lighting, with and without the blue and red torch light, see the difference?

Can you guess what this is? Photography from different angles...

Well, I hope to improve a lot more, but I can tell you already that I am looking different at things, more from different angles, thinking about lighting, so at least I am improving in that way... now just waiting for the results to happen :-)

Are you looking different now to your kitchen items after seeing my shots??

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

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Miss Footloose said...

This is so interesting! I'll be starting classes some time next year and am really looking forward to it. Your photos are certainly inspiring. Hartstikke goed, as they say in the old country.


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