Friday, November 6, 2009

into the studio today...

School is out early on Fridays, and today we are going into the studio to take some pictures for our Xmas card project. Every year I have a theme and the next year I have to come up with something different. A few months ago I already saw something that caught my eye for my inspiration.

I hired a make-up artist and we go and take some shots of the girls... then we do some photo shopping, add some text and go to the print shop and print our cards... hopefully we will find some matching envelopes and then the project is finished and we can send it out, at least 3 weeks before Xmas so that it arrives on time at your house!

It takes much more effort here in South Africa to do a project like that, you don't have a Target or Walmart where you just drop off a nice picture and this machine prints out the chosen Xmas design, or order at Shutterfly... no we have to do each individual step ourselves... but at least I like to do these kind of things, so that helps!

Here a hint of what I am going to use, although only parts....

Remember my card from last year? I really liked how it came out, so I have to find something that is at least so much fun!

Are you thinking of Xmas cards and decorations already?? It is only 7 weeks from now!

I am sure that in the USA it is Xmas everywhere... in the shops, malls, restaurants etc..
See here in SA you don't get bombarded with that. Even the children have no clue what they want for Xmas, since they don't see much TV and there is not much commercials in between the programs, no toy flyer's or huge Toys R Us catalogs... the kids have no clue Xmas is coming soon... such a different world out here! Although they celebrate it, but the marketing for it you can't compare to the USA. And in a way I am glad about that... it's not so much about the stuff but more about the celebration to be together, have a nice meal, mostly a braai=BBQ since it is mid-summer.

But I still have to work on my project :-)
I will keep you posted.

Have a Fabulous Friday!


Leah and Maya said...

very fun picture and your card from last year, I love it! you are right I can't believe all the christams stuff out already, I mean before Halloween. I do love it, mainly the music. Have fun with your project.

Emm said...

Oh, I am loving your theme idea this year! Yes, we bought cards yesterday and I will be sneding them out to family and friends asap. That way, I might even have enough time to broaden our horizons and send out to bloggy friends too!

Nichole and Craig said...

You are so creative. I love seeing your pictures of the girls. We are lucky here, I had my cards done at costco this year. They are almost ready to hit the mail.
Take Care


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