Friday, November 20, 2009

It is supposed to be SUMMER here in South Africa!! But it is fr#@king cold!! Normally we have temperatures around 30C/86F and now it is 10C/50F, and not only is it COLD, it is WINDY and RAINING. It feels like I am living in Holland!!

But as my friend Heidi said: at least this is the weather we usually have during the Thanksgiving weekend!! So we will have a Thanksgiving dinner this weekend (since next weekend most people are away) in style... with cold weather!!

Although it is cold, windy and raining it doesn't affect my beautiful day! I will have a fitting today... we finally found a team of designers/tailors who used to make clothing for the catwalk here in Joburg and they are making skirts, dresses and blouses for us from our new African fabrics. We bought meters of Woodin fabrics they had left over from the Woodin store in the Soweto mall that is closed down and now they belong to us; my friends Dunke, Candice, Martha and Tehmina... I am sure she is going to buy today as well!!

Last week the tailors came to our house and we gave them examples, so they could copy our designs with our new fabrics. I am so excited to see my 2 new skirts, a blouse and 4 dresses I ordered for the girls. How fun is it to live in a new country and find all these new goodies?? I LOVE IT!!

I am sure my girls will love the new dresses they are getting soon!

I read this phrase, and wanted to share it with you, on this website where you can buy the most beautiful African fabrics.

"Nowhere in the world is street life as staggeringly colourful as in the markets of Africa. A dazzling mix of rich and vibrant colours is a feast for the eyes.
Clothing in Africa is certainly not intended to cloak one's personal feelings. In Africa you wear your heart on your sleeve.
Passion, meekness, unbridled joy, deep sorrow, pride, admiration, impassioned protest - clothing reflects all these expressions."

LIFE IS GOOD, even when it is raining, windy and cold!!
Have a Fabulous Friday!!



Annie said...

Hi Mireille! We could use a little of that cold weather here this year. It is still unbelievably warm and humid. Yuck! I would love to be able to put on a sweater and take off these flip-flops! Miss you all!

Open Air said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog.
Your girls are beautiful! We're considering adopting from Thailand as well.
Looks like you have some fun adventures...I like reading about them. :)


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