Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gold Reef City

Last week the girls had a day off school because there were Parent-Teacher conferences. I did the meetings the day before, and we ended up going to a Theme Park named Gold Reef City. It is a large amusement park here in Joburg. Located on an old gold mine, the park is themed around the gold rush on the Witwatersrand. Park staff wear period costumes of the 1880s, and the buildings on the park are designed to mimic the same period. There is a museum dedicated to gold mining on the grounds where it is possible to see a gold-containing ore vein and see how real gold is poured into barrels.

The park has a big ferris wheel, which was fun to go on.

Rollercoasters.... which the girls couldn't go on yet, still too small.
But the cars they loved!

A little dwarf with a big bird.

And here pretending to be chicks who just hatched...

We were not the only guests, although it wasn't really busy, but this big school class was there... so cute!

The girls won 3 stuffed animals, had ice-cream, pancakes, lolly pops and lots of fun. This was a very unexpected trip and we had great fun!

Enjoy your day!


plantagenet said...

Mireille, you two little chicken looks just wonderful within the eggshell. Really nice pics!!!

Ellie said...

Looks like fun!!

Free Spirit said...


Your girls are little dolls. This place looks so cool. I will have to take my kiddos there when we come to visit and I can maybe visit you as well. Hey can you shoot me a reg e-mail. I saw you repsonded to me on facebook.

also add your telly # as I am not sure where you sent the other too. I remember seeing it. Have you been to my blog recently ? Chat soon.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog..
☆ Martinha ☆


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