Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Diepsloot Combined School

As I wrote before I am volunteering at the Diepsloot Combined School every Monday morning. Giving 8 to 10 years old lessons in basic English at a fun way. We practiced some writing (tracing letters and then DIY after example), we talked about families and living situations.

We gave them some coloring pages with rooms of a house. A kitchen, a lounge!, a bedroom and a bathroom. So we discussed these pictures with the kids. But the sad thing was that the pictures on the pages were not really how their houses look like from the inside!! These kids don't have kitchens, bathrooms, or bedrooms like these drawings....and forget a lounge with a TV!! ... we just realized that a bit too late!

But anyway, they loved to color and talk about it. These kids are so grateful for our presence, attention, hugs and high fives! They don't mind the 'small' details about differences in our lives. They were just happy kids!! Look at them, you don't realize that these kids go through a tough life... everyday, still those happy smiles and so grateful.

These are 'my' boys. I go to them every week, same group, same table, same boys ;-)

Their names are: Mfundo, Calvin, Yolani, Mayibongwe, Thokozani and Mduduzi

And here a girls table, sitting next to us. I need to ask their names next time.

And the whole class, about 45 students between the ages of 8-10.

It really humbles me to work here with these amazing kids who have to endure so much!
I also had a peek into the library and the computer lab, see below.

I was actually pleasantly surprised about both rooms, a lot of books and computers.

Mind you, it is a school with more than 1500 kids! And the sad part was, that after the computers were installed they had a break-in and a great deal got stolen!

Have a good day!


Ellie said...

What a fantastic way to spend your Mondays!! What an experience that must be! Thanks for sharing!

Emm said...

How nice that they have computers - I wonder if those were sponsored by a generous sponsor??

Mireille said...

The school actually has quite a few sponsors, big and small. And yes these were sponsored.

Free Spirit said...

Wow what a wonderful thing for you to do with your time. I am impressed by the school. What a large class and a lot for one teacher. I am sure the teacher loves you for helping. I am not suprised the pc's were stolen. It is the sad truth in africa. I miss being there. The boys are adorable.


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