Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Beautiful faces of Thailand

I don't need to say more, just look at these precious faces, just amazingly gorgeous!

And I am the mother of 2 of them, how blessed I am!!

Have a wonderful day,


TJ said...

I can honetly say I have NEVER seen such amzing photos of children...Beautiful!
Very intersting..

Our House of Five said...

Absolutley breath taking! Oh man it makes me want more! I can see past the beauty, I can see what is needed, I can hear what some of those children are saying with their eyes. I can see your love in your children's eyes-this is what they all need-love.

Ellie said...

Beautiful... simply beautiful!

Honey Mommy said...

Your girls are gorgeous! The other children are beautiful too.

Wyndee said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!!!

Jen and Jeff said...

Gorgeous!!! I just love all of those pictures..especially those last two beautiful mugs! I was working on Ruby's scrapbook yesterday and it's looking so cute. Can't wait until I can post her pic freely. Going to be a few months yet. Thanks for sharing all those beautiful faces with us!

Annie said...

OOH! They are so beautiful!

plantagenet said...

Makes me a bit homesick, to look into these wonderful faces and features! Yes, you are lucky and blessed with your girls. Never forget to remember.... Makes us a bit humble, doesn't it? Loveya, ginster

Kimi said...

I am speechless and the beauty!


Kimi said...

I am speechless at the beauty!

Typo in the last comment :-P.


The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Wow, stunning shots! And your daughters are just beautiful...but of course you know that!
Thanks for visiting my blog! My daughter's outfit in that series is a combination, the bottoms (still too big for her) are Matilda Jane, and the top is GAP, both gifts from friends and family. I love that combo on her, too!


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