Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A day at the bird gardens at Montecasino

This week the girls had a field trip to the bird park here at Montecasino. As usual I go with them. It is fun to see how the kids interact together in an informal setting, who is hanging out with who, who is the bizzy bee, or the shy one?? You can learn so much more from their personalities on these field trips than when you see them in the class room. So it is always fun to join!

The bird gardens are located at the entertainment complex that is build to look like an Italian village. There is a casino, theatre, restaurants, shops, a hotel and also the bird gardens. It has the largest and most diverse private collection of African cycads in the world. There are a collection of over 142 species of birds.
Montecasino Bird Gardens is home to over 1 000 birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and other small creatures. A perfect location for the field trip, only half an hour from school and so many colorful and different birds and small other animals to see.

Here Jasmine and Juliet with their classmates eating a snack before going inside.

Jasmine with her friends from class, the girls are having so much fun!

The blue crane is the national bird of South Africa.

These kids have a fun school, they do so many great things to be in the outdoors! We had last weekend Family Fun day at school, more about that in another posting!

Ciao, Mireille


Leah and Maya said...

hi I love your Blog, glad you emailed me. So now I'm addicted to I heart faces, I put in a messy face photo too, in the beginners catagory. I tried to order a good camera but of course the inexpensive ones are on backorder and they are the only ones I can afford, but I did get a canon 50mm/1.8 lens so I can get the portrait shots that I want, or at least close to. Your girls are are so beautiful!

Emm said...

I lvoe the last picture of the blue crane! What an exquisite bird! How nice that you can go on school trips.

Jen and Jeff said...

Hi, Mireille! How cute are all the girls. Looks like a great day!


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