Monday, March 9, 2009

Barbie turns 50!

She doesn't look a day older than 21, but Barbie is celebrating her 50th birthday in style today. All over the world parties are being held in her honor.

50 years ago the first Barbie doll.

The latest version a limited edition doll wears a champagne silk party dress with layers of gold tulle.

And this is the real Barbie, if she would have evolved just like anybody else :-)

It's amazing how many people know, are affected and have an opinion (good or bad) about Barbie. To me just a doll....

Have a great Monday!... and Happy Birthday Barbie!


rosemary said...

Did you know that Barbie's full name is "Barbara Millicent Rogers"? I once won an epic trivial pursuit game with that tidbit! I have no idea how I know it either. I must have read it one the back of a package some time. I read everything...

Wyndee said...

Somebody sent me a video the other day about Barbie turning 50, and it was hilarious. Actually, it was "Cougar Barbie"---- too too funny. If I can find it again I'll send it to you. ;-)

Mireille said...

Yes Rosemary I read that as well, she is named after the creators daughter.
And please Wyndee send me the video.

coffee maker said...

After 50 years Barbie is still in great shape; how does she do it?


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